The Choice is Ours

We all make lots of choices every day. Some of them are minor like what shirt to wear or where to have lunch. Some may seem minor, but really aren’t. In reality, our lives as well as our destinies are made up of the thousands of small decisions we make every day.

Think about it for a moment. Choices about what to eat, what to spend, whether to exercise or read our Bible over time, all become habits. These habits can either benefit us or harm us in the long run. Daily choices of a donut over a piece of fruit, a Starbucks frappucino over a glass of water, or viewing hours of television over spending time with the Lord determine who and what we will become.

The same thing goes for our choices when it comes to having faith. We can choose to have faith in God or not. We can choose to have faith in ourselves or not. And we can choose to have faith in others, or not. It is totally up to us and the daily choices we make in this area will strongly impact who and what we will become. It will also impact who and what others become.

So today, dear one, will you choose faith? Will you choose to believe in God, yourself and your loved ones? As the Bible says “Faith is the belief in things not yet seen”. Because, after all, if we could see it, it wouldn’t be faith at all now would it? Until next time, choose to use the power of faith and keep looking up!