Divine Assistance at Home Depot

Many of us are afraid to tackle new things, aren’t we? Like home repairs for instance or traveling to new places. Well, here’s a story that is sure to encourage you. Divine assistance came to me on a recent visit to my local Home Depot.

Now, we all know that these mega stores can be a bit intimidating – so many aisles, so many items to choose from, and it’s even more so when you’re unfamiliar with the stuff you’re looking for.

There I was at Home Depot in the plumbing aisle. My kitchen faucet has been drip, drip, dripping for a few months now and I decided to attempt the repair myself. I found the installation instructions detailing all the parts and identified what needs to be replaced – I think.

As I stood there searching for the Delta springs, a gentleman comes up next to me perusing the same area as I.

“I’m looking for Delta” he says.

“So am I,” I replied. We start chatting about repairing faucets and I show him the instructions detailing the parts I was looking for. Turns out, he was looking for the exact same parts! Also turns out he had done 35+ faucet repairs and was so helpful, he even walked me over to the tool section and picked out the exact kind of allen wrenches I needed for the job.

After a careful explanation about the whole process, and, bless the man for his patience, answering all my questions, we parted ways. At the checkout counter, guess who was in front of me? Yep, same guy. “Good luck with that faucet” he said.

What are the chances of meeting someone on a holiday weekend, in the many aisles, looking for the exact same part and so willing to share their knowledge? Now, if that wasn’t a divine appointment, I don’t know what is. I took it as a blessing from the Lord giving me all the direction I needed to perform this job and sent up a prayer of thanksgiving right then and there.

I wanted to share this little vignette with my readers. God cares about everything we care about, even faucet repairs. He wants to help us in life and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a parking space, a bill that needs to be paid, or even a unidentified health issue. He is there for us. Hope this story encourages you next time you are facing an unknown task or issue. Trust God and He will take good care of you!

Until next time, keep the faith and keep looking up!