When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

Ever feel like you don’t understand life sometimes? Why good people die? Why tragedies occur?  When you don’t know which direction to go in life? Why prayers go unanswered?

prgrsvimghttp://ts1.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.4921127425345689&w=207&h=207&c=8&pid=3.1&qlt=90&rm=2I’m sure many felt that way twelve years ago, when their lives were suddenly turned upside down by the impact of the terrorist bombings in New York, Pennsylvania, & Washington, DC. Loved ones said goodbye to their spouses never to kiss them again. Husbands were killed in the line of duty saving others. The stories are too many to list here, but I’m sure many asked these tough questions.

Perhaps some of you may be like me – I want to know why.  I want to find meaning. Friends tell me I’m a deep thinker and maybe that’s true, but it can be frustrating trying to find answers.

Sometimes the Lord takes us through times we don’t understand. I went through a season this past winter when everything in my life hit the fan. When we cry out “Abba, Father, help me”, in desperation and in sorrow and our voice echoes in the stillness, there is still hope. There is always hope.

Jesus tells us to keep asking, keep knocking, and “keep seeking and you will find” (Luke 11:9). We may not agree with the timeframe, but we will find if we are faithful. We have not been abandoned. The Lord is always working, although we may not always see how. God is working on BIG things in your life and BIG THINGS take time, yes? Now that is something to get excited about!

So, dear one, are you feeling a bit lost? Prayers gone unanswered for far too long? Not sure about which direction to head in? The answer is to keep on trusting God. He will make a way where there seems to be no way. He will make your path straight. If we are faithful and obedient, we will arrive at the Promised Land of our dreams although it may not look like what we have anticipated. God has a funny way of doing that, doesn’t he?

Until next time, keep the faith. Keep looking up and do write and let me know your thoughts. I get lonely out here all by myself 🙂

You’re Not Alone

Ever feel like you’re all alone? Like no one understands and no one cares? Like you have to figure everything out yourself? Well, guess what? It just isn’t true!

Another step to facing my fears and anxieties is realizing I am NOT ALONE! When I pick up the phone to call a friend or loved one and share what is going on in my life, I am comforted (2 Cor 1:4) I receive advice and information. When I put aside my shame and guilt and get the courage to talk about my situation, light dispels the darkness and I can see more clearly what needs to be done.

It really is amazing. I recently had a health issue, yes, another one, (and I know I’m not alone in that either), that I was kind of embarrassed to talk about. But I knew I had to get over the fear of “What will people think?” As author Wayne Dyer puts it “Who cares what other people think?” By not speaking up and talking about the issue, I perpetuate the anxiety and fearful feelings and prevent myself from finding a solution to my problem.

It is important to get wise counsel and as much information as possible when facing issues. My decisions may have long term consequences and the longer I put off making a decision, I prolong the pain.

What is it you are facing today that you are afraid to talk about? A relationship issue? A health or job issue? Whatever it is, find a wise friend or just talk to God about it. He always listens and always has time for us. And he always has the right answer.

Facing my fears has enormous impact on how joyful I feel at any given moment. When the burden of my problem is lifted, joy can bubble up inside once again.

Until next time, remember you are not alone. Feel free to drop me a note any time as as always, keep looking up!