Follow Me

“Do we take the highway or go through the city?” I asked my son, Jon, on a recent trip to the airport. “I don’t know how to go through the city though.”

“Well, let’s try the highway then” Jon said. As soon as we had passed the route to go thru the city, the traffic on the beltway came to a complete stop. We inched along for maybe 20 minutes.

“We have to get off this beltway and find another route or I’m going to be late for my flight”, I said, starting to feel nervous as time was passing. We got off at the next exit and I saw a sign that said “alternate 83” which turned out to be an alternate route through the city.

“Follow those signs” I told him.

Now as long as I’ve lived in Baltimore, I don’t think I’ve ever been in this part of town, Park Heights Avenue. The road was very convoluted and hard to follow.
After driving for some miles, we finally made it to the city. My anxiety was growing as the time passed.

“Now what?” Jon asked.

“Now we start praying for guidance and direction.” I muttered a short prayer of desperation to the Lord as we were stopped at a light. “I’m going to ask this guy” I said as I rolled down my window to ask the driver in the car next to me for directions.

“Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the airport from here?”

“Follow me,” the man replied. “I’m going there myself.”

Incredibly relieved, I looked at Jon and said “That’s God. Ask and you shall receive”.

We both smiled and followed the driver.

Jesus loves us so much. He knows our every need. All we have to do is turn the situation over and ask for His help and He is ready, willing, and more than able to help us. Who or what are you following today, dear one? Follow Jesus and He will never lead you in the wrong direction.