Do You Remember?

Tomorrow is Holy Friday. Many of us have the day off from work. But how many of us will take time to honor the tragic event that happened two thousand years ago? Many of us pause to remember 9/11 but do we stop to remember on Holy Friday, or are we just like everyone else – making plans to go on vacation, getting the yard work done, bustling about our holiday preparations?

As human beings, we all suffer, but I cannot even fathom what Jesus went through that day on the cross; stripped naked, hands and feet pierced by nails, thorns ripping into his skull. Crucifixion was the ultimate shameful death in those days. So shameful in fact, that Roman citizens were not allowed to be crucified.

Yet Jesus endured the shame of the cross for us: his outstretched arms declaring “I love you this much”. The shedding of his blood paid the price for each and every one of our sins so that we could have the freedom, yes, the freedom, to approach a Holy God directly. Have you ever contemplated these facts?

It seems that Easter is just a blip on the calendar to most these days, but personally, it is a solemn reminder of the price that was paid for me to live a life of freedom, forgiveness and love. If you don’t feel free, forgiven or loved, I encourage you to look to Jesus this Holy Friday. No one can give us a more precious gift, but it is our choice to receive it or not.

Until next time, keep looking up and remember, God loves you, forgives you and has set you free!