The Funniest Thing Happened

So there I was at my favorite west coast swing venue this past friday enjoying some welcome exercise and relaxation. The music was pulsating, the bodies moving fluidly on the floor, and all the stress of the week just melted away in the mindlessness of it all.

A friend whom I haven’t seen in over a year asks me to dance. “Well, hello there,” I said with a smile. “Long time no see.” Now I have to explain that this fellow was a “potential”. You know what I mean. The chemistry was there. The dancing was there. Except for one major issue: the belief system was not there. End of story.

So, knowing that I am a firm “believer”, he asks me a question I’ve never been asked before.

“How’s Jesus?” he says with a straight face.

Now what does one say to that? It took me a moment to think.

“He’s fine,” I replied. “He was at my house for Thanksgiving.” And He truly was. Jesus is peace, love, joy, light, and abundance. Jesus is unity, grace, forgiveness, and compassion. Jesus is life. There is no substitute.

It’s like this: when you have a deep relationship with Jesus, you don’t need anything else. Really. You have it all. I am at a loss to explain this here but all I can say is that you just have to experience Him for yourself to understand what I mean.

So now I ask you, dear one, how is Jesus in your life? Do you know Him? Is he a casual acquaintance or a close and trusted friend? Do you spend time together on a regular basis? You know that excitement you feel when you meet someone new and you feel that certain spark? Getting to know Jesus is like that. Except that the spark is more like a flame. And the more you get to know Him, the brighter it gets.

Well, I pray that this season, if you do know him, you spend a little more time together. And if you don’t, then my prayer for you is that you invite him over for a bit. He’s the best company in the world!

Until next time, I wish you peace and joy and as always, keep looking up!