Ever see those one word signs all around town that say “BELIEVE”? I’m not exactly sure what they are advertising, but I think it is a great reminder to all of us. Whether or not we realize it, everyday we choose to believe.

We believe that we will get up in the morning, that our car will start, that the chair we are sitting on will hold us, that the sun will come up and the moon will too. I could go on and on but you the idea.

So, everyone has been given the ability to believe. The Bible puts it this way, “Everyone has been given a measure of faith” (Romans 12:3).

Sadly, we have all had bad things happen to us that have caused us to lose our faith and belief or trust in God to some extent: circumstances from an unhappy childhood, loss of a parent or loved one, health issues are some examples.

Although we may not understand the reason why, God allows things to happen to us. Remember the story of Job? He lost it all. But he never lost his faith in God. Even his wife instructed him to “Curse God and die.” It is a choice we make on how to respond to great pain and loss.

What have you been through, dear one, that perhaps has caused you to lose your faith in God? I encourage you to begin to trust God again. Whatever happened to us in the past, we must at some point let it go. Until we do so, we will not be able to move forward in our spiritual growth and experience joy in our lives. Romans 8:28 says that God works ALL things for our good, yes, even the painful experiences.

There is always something we can learn from our pain if we are courageous enough to look. Today, dear one, will you let go of your pain? Don’t waste the lesson for sure, but let the pain go and let God heal you. Believe.