The Promises of Christmas

Christmas comes with a lot of expectations, doesn’t it? Receiving that much wanted gift, making everyone’s favorite cookies, spending quality time with loved ones, & enjoying lots of laughter and fun. The expectations cause undue pressure and are almost unrealistic.

Over the years I have learned to put less effort into all the hoopla that surrounds Christmas. Oddly enough, it seems that the less energy I put into all the Christmas preparation the better things turn out. Interesting, huh?

Yet inevitably something always happens to put a damper on the festivities. This one has to work late. That one doesn’t like their gift. Someone else fails to show up or even call. Part of the meal doesn’t turn out. It’s like mischievous elves are trying to test me and steal my peace and joy.

At last I settle down to open my gifts. My youngest son points to a large box under the tree.
“That one is for you,” he says as he gets out the video camera.
“Now what could this possibly be?” I ask as I dig through the huge pile of styrofoam packing.

To my utter joy, there in the box were six cups and saucers from my Lenox china pattern. Somehow when I moved to my new home years ago, the cups and saucers were lost in transit. These six would restore what I had lost and complete the set. As I gazed upon the beauty of a simple china cup, I noticed the name of the pattern -“Promise”.

“You know, people may break their promises, but God never does,” I said to my son with a quiet peace. “God promises to restore the years the locusts have taken away.”

The Lord is truly faithful. As my beautiful china pattern was restored, know that God is still involved in the process of restoration and completion in each of us – to make us whole, complete and new. As the Christ-child is born anew each and every Christmas, so is the hope of restored relationships, belongings, and good health.

Wishing you a wonderful twelve days of Christmas and a happy, healthy and hope-filled New Year!