The Most Special Gift of All

Finished your gift shopping yet? Or perhaps you haven’t even started. What special gift you would like to receive this Christmas? How about the gift of Love?

Today is Christmas Eve and we celebrate the fourth week of Advent and the focus is on Love. Love is the most precious gift of all.

Yes, love is about giving. Someone asked me last year why I give presents at Christmas. I was stunned. Giving is love in action. Giving shows I care and am thinking about you. Giving is getting out of my selfishness and into your desires, wants, and needs. Giving is about pleasing someone else.

Love is what God showed us when he gave us the gift of his precious only son – Jesus, the Christ, so that we could see what Love truly looks like in human terms.

Love comes in different forms. Love can be shown by giving forgiveness, kindness, generosity, mercy, and understanding. Love listens, shares, trusts, and touches not just the flesh but the heart as well. Love is spending time with. Love knows no limits. Love is sacrificial, not self-centered. Love endures and hopes. Love believes all things and is pure. Love is loving the unlovely. Love, as it says in 1st Cor 13, never fails.

Who can you show love to this Christmas Eve? Is there an unwed mother, like Mary, who needs shelter or a place to stay? A weary traveler who needs a hot meal? A baby who might need clothes? Or perhaps a stranger or orphan who has no family of his or her own?

Yes, love is a gift and it truly is the most special gift of all. Today, I wish you the gift of love and if you don’t know the Savior, Jesus, the Messiah, then I invite you to invite him into your heart this day. Let the love of God warm the cockles of your heart, melt away the cold, the bitterness, the fear and the hurt that has been there for way too long. You, too, can enjoy the warm and comforting presence of a dear and close friend every minute of the New Year because you will have the best friend of all, Jesus.

Wishing you and yours a year full of the gifts of Christmas: Hope, Peace, Joy and Love because truly Christ is with us! Merry Christmas to all of you.

Celebrate Freedom!

This weekend we in the United States are celebrating Memorial Day. Many will be consumed with having parties, cookouts, going to the beach, or just enjoying an extra day off work.

How many, I wonder, will pause to reflect on why we have a holiday in the first place? Memorial Day is a day that is commemorated to all those who have given their lives in service to our country to preserve our freedom.

Freedom is not free. There is a price to pay. Thousands of American men and women have given their time and often their lives as a sacrifice to preserve the precious gift we here in the United States enjoy.

I am free in so many ways. I am free to dress as I choose, worship where and how I choose, speak my opinion and thoughts through this blog, and vote, to name a few. I am especially grateful as a woman when I see how women in third world countries are treated or rather, mistreated. Many still wear hoods and cover their heads and cannot worship in the same place as the men.

What will you do this holiday weekend to honor those who have given themselves for our freedom? More importantly, what will you do to help others be free? Will you speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves? Will you stand up for liberty and justice for all? Will you write and share with me?

As we celebrate Memorial Day tomorrow, let us pause to reflect and give thanks for our many blessings in this country and also commit to taking action to helping others be free as well.

Until next time, keep looking up!