Stay Connected – Part 1

What would we do without cell phones, tablets, blackberries and bluetooth? They have become indispensable these days, yes? People are texting, tweeting, googling and emailing much of their day. Corporations and now even churches allow tweets in an attempt to engage people. Staying connected today is in some ways easier than its ever been. But what explains the fact that so many feel disconnected? Alone? Misunderstood? What explains the increasing rate of suicide among teens?

Today, a friend shared a story that illustrates a worst case scenario. She sent birthday wishes via Facebook to a friend she hadn’t seen in a few years. They had both been close due to similar health issues but then one moved out of state. After reading some of the comments, my friend came to the shocking realization that her friend had died – 3 years ago!

Now, I’m all for social media, please don’t misunderstand. But could it be that all this tweeting and texting is merely a façade? A cheap imitation of the real thing?

True connection takes time, thought, and energy. True connection is a meeting of the heart and soul of two people, not just the minds. You know when it happens. No, wait – you feel it when it happens. Your soul feels connected to another, understood at a deep level, cherished. You are totally and completely “in the moment”. Hours can pass and you suddenly look at your watch and exclaim:
“Where did all the time go?”

These are what I call God moments because when two souls connect, God is present. You realize time is not really all that important because, after all, time is a construct of the human mind. You come away feeling fulfilled, honored, loved. It is a precious gift we give to another. Just like choosing a special gift for that certain someone, true connection requires time, thought, and energy.

The soul craves connection: to others and to God. In this fast-paced “hurry up and get it done so I can move on to the next thing” world, what are we to do? For more on this topic, stay tuned for next week’s post. Do post a comment and let me know your thoughts on this and until then, keep looking up!