Even the Small Things

Ever get a craving for something? Like cookies or guacamole? Cherry pie? Chocolate?

Yesterday for example, I was at my favorite grocery store, Wegman’s, doing some shopping. They were sampling guacamole. Now, I love fresh guacamole, but it’s hard to eat just a little so I decided to pass on the temptation.

Later that evening, a friend and I were having dinner at a local Mexican eatery and  I noticed my friend hadn’t touched the guacamole.

‘Are you going to eat that?’ I asked as I wrapped up my doggie bag, looking forward to a nice lunch the next day.

‘Can’t stand the stuff,’ my friend replied.

Brazen as always, I asked it I could have it. Ah, the little things in life.

Another time, I was craving chocolate chip cookies. Again, I didn’t want to buy an entire package. The next morning as I am greeting at church, a fellow greeter hands me a nicely wrapped package and says, “Here, I made these last night and thought you might enjoy a few.” Guess what they were? You got it – chocolate chip cookies.

Now these are just two little examples of how God provides for us. I share these stories to let you know God wants to give us the desires of our hearts – even the littlest ones. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want in life. God is more than willing to provide out of His abundance. He loves us so much and cares about every detail in our lives: not just parking spaces, cookies, and guacamole. And no, he is not too busy for you. Trust me.

When I experience the touch of God’s love, I am just speechless. To think that the Maker of the Universe cares for me so much fills my heart with joy. May you experience the love of Christ and enjoy this video. Until next time, keep looking up!