You’ve Got What It Takes!

Totally equipped and fully loaded. My new car came just like this. Everything I could possibly need in a vehicle and more. The windshield wipers turn on when they detect rain. The lights go on when it gets dark. The side mirrors light up and beep when a car is in my blind side. Navigation system to get me to my destination.

I ask you, what more could one ask for? My car is equipped with absolutely everything I needed and more and guess what?  He’s given US everything WE need to operate on this journey to faith as well.

We, too, are totally equipped and fully loaded. Yup. We have the full armor of God which includes the shield of faith, the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the sword of the spirit, the helmet of salvation, and the shoes of peace (Ephesians 6).

God promises to wipe away every tear that falls. He gives us light for our blind spots and a
Navigation system to direct our path, otherwise known as the Word of God.

We’ve got the oil of the Holy Spirit to fill our tanks up and smooth the ride when we feel like we’re running on empty and the road ahead is bumpy. So when life zaps the oomph out of you, spend a few moments in quiet prayer and meditation. Be still and listen. Know that He is Lord. No matter what others say to or about you, remember that Jesus loves YOU and you’ve got what it takes!

And the Mazda goes ZOOM ZOOM!

Visit my Mazda dealership in Lutherville and tell Eddie I said hello. And remember, always keep looking up!