Dreams Do Come True!

Do you have a dream? A burning desire within your heart? If you look deep enough, I’m sure you do. Allow me to share one of my dreams with you.

I love to travel. For many years now, I have had a strong desire to visit Argentina. Why? I don’t exactly know. The desire was kindled years ago when the first Argentine tall ship came into port in Baltimore. The crew was enamored because I was trying to speak their language and showed me a map of their country explaining how diverse it was and how I just had to come visit. The seed was planted.

Fast forward over a decade. I tried to make big vacation plans for the past two years and each time, the plans fell through for one reason or another. This year, I decided to plan to go to Argentina and Brazil, while I was there, of course. As the weeks and months of searching for that perfect tour went by, I was so bummed and ready to give up. “Not again, Lord. Can’t I go on a nice vacation?” I asked. Silence.

“Follow your dream,” my massage therapist encouraged.

And so I did. I kept pursuing, seeking, asking questions and of course, fervently praying. I always keep in mind if something is the Lord’s will for my life or not. And then, the exact itinerary I had wanted showed up and things fell into place! My travel agent was just as excited, if not more so. “Oh, Senora, I am so happy for you!” she bubbled everytime we spoke.

So tomorrow I fly to South America. Who knows what adventures await? What wondrous sights will I behold? As I pack my bags, I stopped to write this post to encourage all of you, my friends, to follow your dreams, whatever they may be and however impossible they may seem. If things aren’t working out in one direction, perhaps it is because the Lord has something so much better in mind for you in another direction.

Until next time, follow your dreams and keep looking up!